777Zip   Zipline

   Open: Thursday-Monday   9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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Welcome to 777Zip in Davis, Oklahoma
Zip 1444 ft. viewing Oklahoma's largest waterfall 77 ft. tall , just off Hwy. 77 South.
           $12.50  per person       
Welcome to 777Zip Zipline
777Zip Zipline is an experience of exhilaration suitable for riders of all ages.
Open 5 days a week.
Two guests at a time are comfortably secured by a monitored seatbelt restraint system before being hoisted in reverse to their view point 777 ft. away.   The viewing point is a 130 foot tower on the mountain above Collings Castle, from which point you will have a  spectacular view of Turner Falls.  Feel the thrill of release as you zip back 777 ft. to the landing zone  located at the Curio Shop/Overlook of Turner Falls.
Purchase tickets in the Curio Shop along with cold drinks, snacks, Soaring Eagle and Turner Falls souvenirs.  A selection of Oklahoma memorabilla may be found in this unique shop.
Physical Limitations:
  1. Single Passenger Capacity: 300 lbs.
  2.Total Passenger Capacity:  450 lbs.    
  3. Heights of 42" -47" ride with guardian.
Medical Limitations:
  1. Expectant mothers, due to the nature of the    restraining devise (lap belt).   Pressure on baby. 
  2. Persons with heart or back problems.
  3. Prosthetics are not allowed, all legs must be present to the knee at a minimum..